ESG Sustainability Report

  • Improve water storage system
  • Water Resource Management System
  • Rainwater Recycling System
  • Solar Panel Construction
  • Employee Health Check
  • Participate in “Used Shoes Save lives” activity
  • Sponsor World Vision International
  • Gender Equality
  • Our machine automatic system helps to reduce the production cost.
  • Continuous improvement our standard working hours
  • Import the SFT system to make production information transparent
  • We continue to strengthen mechanical industrial safety protection
  • Our target is reducing the machine power consumption to reduce the carbon emissions.
  • Modulated system helps to reduce OPEX and enhance efficiency

The performance of corporate social responsibility

Solar Panel Construction

In addition to improving existing equipment and installing monitoring systems, Cheng-mei Machinery also managed to achieve self-sufficiency in electricity consumption.

By installing solar panels on the roof of the factory, the amount of electricity saved is just enough to meet the company's electricity needs. Even compared to previous electricity consumption, the power generation of the entire roof at noon is twice as much as the company's original electricity consumption. During the renovation, a new roof was added to the old roof, and after installing solar panels, it was equivalent to three layers of roof isolation.

The advantages of installing solar panels on the roof can not only meet the electricity demand of the factory, but also reduce the indoor temperature. And can also apply for a green electricity certificate or even sell the remaining power generation to Taipower. Not only can it respond to customers' low-carbon demand for net-zero emissions, but it can also significantly reduce electricity bills.



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