CM-80 Thermoforming Machine


  • Heater open by two side to save operation space.
  • Upper & Lower mold position drive by Servo Motor , precise control the stroke position.
  • Balance plate with buffer hydraulic design at Forming base, mold can more closure when forming.
  • Upper & Lower air pressure or Vacuum Forming switch by PLC system.
  • Upper & Lower ceramic heater design , SSR and P.I.D. temperature control.
  • F.C.D casting construction
  • PP、HIPS、OPS、PLA、PET、PVC、PE、ABS、PSP…etc various material are available for Food & Industrial packaging.
  • PLC and color touch screen control. Allow 40 Modules memory.


Forming Area Max: 800 (W) x 800 (L) mm, Min: 600(W) x 650 (L) mm
Sheet thickness 0.2mm ~ 2.0mm
Sheet Width Max: 850mm, Min: 650 mm
Forming Height Max: 100 mm
Mold Close Force 50 Ton
Forming Method Air Pressure & Vacuum Forming
Operation Method Fully automatic PLC and color touch screen control
Machine Dimension 6,570 (L) x 2,860 (W) x 2,550 (H) mm
Machine Weight 9,000 kgs


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